Art and science: resource for special needs

But first a ramble: I once thought that art and science were different subjects that we really ought to know about. After seeing this interactive resource on teaching mixing colour I’m not so sure: in my world red and green make yellow and in the artist’s it makes something else. The world of TV screens PC screens and Cinema, mixing coloured light to get other colours is a zillion times more commonplace than mixing paint. But I bet if you ask a non science person what you get when you mix colours they’ll think of paint.

Still to appreciate is that the AccessArt resource is aimed at teaching mixing paint to young children with learning difficulties. On a PC screen, mixing red light with yellow light to make orange well confused me about stuff I thought I knew. (In other words, the last place to go teach about mixing paint is the computer screen). I hope someone finds the link useful. Here’s the press release:

AccessArt: Red, Yellow, Blue AccessArt specializes in creating innovative resources which center around the way artists teach visual arts to all ages. Designed to be used by children, the resource is navigated by colour, sound and object based animations. Each child can create his or her learning pathway – there is no right or wrong route. During testing one five year old girl spent over 50 minutes in front of the resource.

The interactive animated resource is also accompanied by a text-based printout which introduces teachers and parents to some practical methods of exploring colour in the home/school or community.”