Mass disappointment – balances

Tim writes (hit the email button to reply): I’ve just bought Insight (and presume, as it arrived today, that it is v 4). What surprises me is that nowhere (either in the printed documentation or on the Logotron website – so far as I can see -) does it appear to tell me what dataloggers it will work with! Maybe when I put the CD in the machine all will be clear – but I am used to getting a tech manual for kit and it looked decidedly thin ! I’d be grateful for any clues ! As we are predominatly Economatics Smart users I don’t believe we will have a problem – but it would be nice to find out if there is a driver that could accept RS232 so that the Precisa balance that still has to talk to the vintage BBC micro can talk to something a bit more swish !



RF: A few times in the past I too have looked to find a list of loggers supported by Insight – and I’ve learned to assume things won’t work. Balances remain an issue – I’m not sure who to talk to sort this out and get some decent balance software. Evidently it’s not Logotron.