Terminal Services (Citrix) – terminal for data logging

Q. We are kitting out a “dry lab” at school. We have installed an Interactive White board and are about to put in 15 PC’s. They will run from a “Citrix”(?) server, and so will have limited use as stand-alone machines. We would like to get a class set of Data Loggers, but feel that with this number of PC’s, we would like to purchase software based Data Loggers. Are such things available? We feel that if we have this amount of hardware already in a lab, then we could do without buying more hardware (the data loggers themselves). We would like to plug probes straight into the PC’s. Is this possible, or do we have to “bite the bullet” and buy loggers and probes on top of the PC’s? Any advice would be gratefully received. Ben

A. No good news for you here: the Citrix setup will be a pain. If it works, it will not do data logging in the way suggested. Pasco.com do sensors that plug in and go but nothing I know works on Citrix. Roger

Thanks for your reply. Ben