Data logging in the classroom

Here you can download a neat, well polished video setting out ideas about data logging. It’s excellently produced by data logging manufacturer Fourier and by Horizon Singapore (contact details at the end of the movie). We think the production quality here is exceptional. We wish we had the money (£1000+ a minute) for it too, not least because most teaching scenarios we’d like to film, unlike this vid, have more than one student in a class. As you start watching, hold in mind the look of our website and do just be a little surprised in the opening and closing clips. We were!

Anyway if your machine’s happy with Windows Media (wmv – most are) click on the link to open, not save, the video. It should play as it downloads. To make this possible, we’ve had to shrink the file from 100 Mb to 2 Mb, so expect it to look better at postage stamp size.

Modem – Fourier – Horizon Singapore video.wmv

Broadband – Fourier – Horizon Singapore video.wmv