Tools for thinking – Joop van Schie

While the simple word processor offers a way to help organise thoughts, there’s been a growing interest in the ways that other ICT tools – like Insiration, Branching Databases, Whiteboards and the like can also help. Though just starting with this myself, Mr Joop van Schie from the Netherlands tells me he’s collecting information and classroom stories. My first impression of Observetory suggests there’s more to this than a passing phase and someone here might be interested in his research. As Joop says in his appeal “I am looking for research on classroom experiences with the use of visualisation tools, e.g. branching databases. I am also looking for lists of applications that visualise cognitive knowledge – or put it another way, ICT tools that help explain concepts, ideas, meanings and basically what’s in your mind. A blackboard with chalk does that as do software products like inspiration”. Joop is at j.vanschie ‘AT’