New Junior Data logging Insight

A new version arrives this month. Here’s the release from the publisher.

“Junior Datalogging Insight put data collection, analysis and interaction at the heart of their practical investigation lessons. This new release takes Primary Science to a new level. Junior Datalogging Insight is designed to motivate pupils and prompt learning as children work through the ‘planning’, ‘obtaining’, ‘presenting’, ‘considering’ and ‘evaluating of evidence’ elements of the Science


“Literally hundreds of experiments can be quickly conducted by using sensors, loggers and the Junior Datalogging Insight software. It allows pupils to quickly set up experiments and start collecting data, helping to maintain and stimulate interest” explained ex scientist Dr Robert Bowles, Logotron’s Education Sales Co-ordinator.

The ‘Melting Ice Cube’ and ‘Bus Ride to School’ scenarios included with Junior Datalogging Insight can be used to generate classroom discussion and bring meaning to graphs. Features like these inspire children to use sensors with imagination, to contemplate the meaning of graphs, shapes, charts and trends and to use measurement to investigate phenomena. Importantly, Junior Datalogging Insight will prompt learning about how graphs work, how a graph tells a story and how graphs store information from experiments.

Additional features of Junior Datalogging Insight include its simple format control panel, and the easy-to-use graphs with a unique ‘stretch and squeeze’ control. A choice of seven display windows for simultaneous or single display and tables that grow as data is keyed in are other key features that makes Junior Datalogging Insight particularly special.

But it’s the Movie Windows that really set it apart from other datalogging packages. By controlling an animated cartoon with a sensor or graph reading, the Movie Windows are a great way of prompting thinking and teaching about how graphs work. Movie Windows include: boiling a kettle, making a cup of tea, fizzy drinks, a bicycle ride, and ice cream melting.

Scaling and selecting data is so easy, students will never lose sight of data. Junior Datalogging Insight is compatible with most major dataloggers, and will connect effortlessly to them.

Junior Datalogging Insight costs £52 for a single user pack with substantial reductions offered for additional licences. Existing Junior Insight customers can also benefit from a 30% discount on software and licensing. Logotron has once again proven themselves to be a ‘One-stop Shop’ for quality educational software at an affordable price. Logotron is a Registered Retailer of Curriculum Online meaning all Logotron products can be purchased using e-Learning Credits. For further information please contact the Logotron School Sales Team on: 01223 425558 extension 795″.