Enduring Easyjet in the course of duty – data logging

Here’s a interesting set of results from Data Harvest’s Steve Whitely and Barbara Higginbotham. They endured, noise, rain and a good measure of telling off by Easyjet staff to bring you this picture. What’s more, I hope it starts a trend as an excellent way to report what happens in an experiment.

Steve writes (sufferingly I think!) “So we stood in the rain and took pictures of the EasyJet plane. Then we stood in the car park (in the rain again!) and took pictures of the tablet. It’s hard to photograph an LCD screen outside so I then took the picture of the tablet screen, cut it out and dropped a screen capture into it – the data is of an airplane engine being throttled up and down. Finally I sized the tablet picture and laid it over the picture of the Jet. The hands are Barbara’s.

The picture shows an RM Teacher edition Tablet PC with a Data Harvest ‘Flash Logger’ and sound sensor. It’s an unusually tidy setup with very few wires by virtue of the logger connecting to the RM Tablet’s Compact Flash socket. The kit is however tied to Data Harvest’s Sensing Science Laboratory, an adequate if muddled piece of software. In a departure from a good tradition of supporting standards, we learn today that Data Harvest will not allow Logotron’s ‘Data logging Insight’ to work with the Flash Logger.

Data logging Xtreme – have you logged data in an unusual setting? We really ought to do a prize for the most interesting set of data logged whilst waiting for a delayed Easyjet flight.
Did you read the story about Easyjet using celebrities in its advertisements without their say so? If so you might find it intriguing that Easyjet told Data Harvest that they couldn’t use this picture in their publicity.