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When the ‘Planet Science’ Weekly Newsletter set me the task to find resources for interactive whiteboards I was surprised to find even this many useful sites. They’ll made good use of the white rectangle on the classroom wall (the IWB) – rather than use it as a projector screen.
On the whole, whiteboard resources are as rare as rocking horse dung. Building interactivity into a web page requires money and brains and the examples below mostly show this. People ask me for free stuff but I’d like suggest why philantropy is not always a good thing. This kind of money e.g public money (cf BBC Blast) ought to provide what other publishers show no interest in providing. When it competes with reasonably commercial offerings it damages motivation to make resources in the future. And oddly enough, I value the stuff I buy. Don’t have money? Take a look at your school’s IT budget.
Enjoy the links. 

Update 2010: the Planet Science editorial is moving – and the link to sign up to the new site is In case you missed it, Planet Science grew out out a campaign called ‘Science Year’and added refreshing approaches and humour and kudos to being allowed to have knowledge of science. Certainly I’ve found it provide a better image of science than anything before or since. And it’s not that Newton; Hawking and Darwin aren’t cool enough to improve science’s image. It’s more that associating science with their characters does more harm than enthuse. PS has been a finalist in the BAFTA awards and has been the most exciting PR exercise to hit science. 

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