What have you found at Google and YouTube for science lessons?

From UK newspaper “The Guardian” September 2006:
“Faster internet speed has allowed us to show video on demand, such that Google Video has clips of lectures, shuttle launches, explosions and insane high school pranks with lots of science to creatively plunder. Hilarious or not, IT coordinators and local authorities have taken to blocking such sites for want of controlling teacher and pupil access to some of its more iffy content.”

To find gems for the classroom think bizarre and then try searching for mentos; explosion; rocket launch chemistry … be prepared for surprises (and please don’t search speculatively in class – as you’ve no idea what antisocial stuff will crop up!) As an example, for any topic on combustion, this petrol filling station clip shows someone puffing a cigarette whilst pumping fuel.

At the moment you can download clips to your PC from google video. My technique is to download the video ‘MP4 for iPod’ and then use Quicktime to play the file offline. Good hunting. If you don’t find anything obscure but useful, methinks you didn’t think bizarre enough.